Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Planning for shift

A big part of my inquiry this year is accelerating progress. 

This means we are aiming for 18 months shift in 12. Which means I need to take it back, step by step, thinking about what are the big things these learners need to tackle to raise their achievement and understanding (and enjoyment of texts!). I am thinking about not back-filling in every gap, but looking at the bigger concepts the learners need.

GAP analysis: 
Making Meaning: Comprehension strategies and thinking critically

As you can see from the example images below, looking at individual achievement of comprehension strategies as mapped by SchoolTalk, there are many areas of thinking critically and comprehending texts which have not been 'hit' by these learners yet.

For me, the skills here link back to the basic idea of comprehending text, thinking about what is happening in the story and visualising it. So this is where my starting point will be: going back to basics but aiming for an age-appropriate level through multi-modal texts.

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