Friday, 18 August 2017

Creating a multimodal lesson to enable making connections

This week I am trying to push these learners further into making meaning. 

My recent gap analysis of my focus group learners showed we need to work on comparing and connecting. I did this using Schooltalk.

I have crafted a workshop using 4 different texts, one of which is a chapter book. Children will explain the connections they make using the digital tool Coggle.


  1. Loving your work Rebecca. Well done.
    I bet this is making a difference to your learners

    Russell Burt

  2. It's encouraging to see you are having success with boys learning through using multimodal texts as I am doing this too!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing your journey on your blog. It is impressive how well you use data and collect different forms of it to inform your teaching. I can see how your data has informed the lessons you have prepared.

    We have also been thinking about using multi modal texts and have found this works well with children who are working at the national standard or above, but does not necessarily help those kids who are below or well below make accelerated progress. I'd be interested in hearing how you get on with you lowest learners.