Friday, 29 September 2017


This term my I had the privilege of co-teaching with a talented colleague, Mel Prasad. We both teach similar cohorts in literacy and it worked really well to have someone to bounce ideas off. This doubled our enthusiasm and halved our preparation time. Combining both groups also meant we were able to tailor the learning in a different way, as one of us could provide more support to certain groups, while the other teacher taught at a different pace for the rest of the learners. 

We hooked this kids in to creating their own super heroes and super villains, and this culminated in them creating their own plays. This also tied in to our school production, in terms of script writing and acting. We created sock puppets to act out the characters of villain or hero. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Sharing Practice

This week we shared our teaching inquiries with our colleagues. Really amazing to hear about all that is happening in teachers' practice at Stonefields School!

A next step for me is co-teaching with my colleague Mel Prasad. We have similar literacy groups with similar needs and have been inspired to pursue teaching a deeper level of thinking through using a critical literacy approach. Watch this space!